About IPWatch - How We Got Our Start


IPWatch was founded with the goal of ensuring intellectual property protection for innovative companies. Sean Collin, now Director of Research and Innovation of IPWatch, was a co-founder. Collin was born and raised in Silicon Valley and Southern California by an entrepreneurial family and with a career working for and with global software and technology firms, innovation was in his blood. As the costs of launching technology start-ups rose in California and runways to market became shorter and shorter, Collin began looking for another approach. He knew that he wanted to find a new way to assist businesses to cost effectively select and manage brands and intellectual property, but he needed time and capital to do substantial research and market testing.

Collin designed and set up the systems for a start-up intellectual property support services firm outside of Huntsville, Alabama. That company offered him a platform and equity if he chose to move to Alabama to run the firm. It also provided the opportunity to bootstrap development of different technologies rather than raising substantial venture capital and relinquishing control. After multiple trips to Alabama and after considering the low start-up costs, significant technology base, and excellent state university system providing access to technology students and graduates, Collin relocated his family and the business to Florence, Alabama in late 2007 and the foundation for IPWatch was created.

From there Collin began to develop and test different systems and technologies for intellectual property management with substantial companies across the United States with the help of local university students and graduates. By 2012, Collin had arrived at the disruptive software and system architecture he believed would achieve his goals of lowering response time and costs materially for companies using IPWatch services. Soon after, the company began to run many beta tests on different aspects of the system with current clients, breaking seven figures in revenue in the process.

Our product design and revenue model insures that our higher quality, immediate results and solutions to intellectual property management problems are accessible not only to large publicly traded and privately held companies that process many thousands of intellectual property activities per month, but are also readily available to small and medium sized businesses at an affordable price point. IPWatch can achieve these objectives through use of proprietary, internally developed software systems and databases. IPWatch is exploiting technology in an unprecedented manner and solving intellectual property asset management challenges for companies of all sizes.