Competitive Search Products

When developing a business strategy, the more competitive intelligence available, the better. A strong intellectual property portfolio can, when commercialized well, deliver substantial profits to a business. Previously untapped opportunity can be assessed and underutilized assets can be monetized.

The IPWatch Market Multiplier™ tool allows you to examine your intellectual property portfolio and identify these opportunities. Using this tool, you will able to search each of your registered marks within the service classifications in which your business has not previously ventured. The Market Multiplier™ will deliver identified available classifications into which you could expand the product family with new products or services. These new products and services could be either new for your company or could be offered by way of licensing to other businesses, providing tremendous royalty opportunities.

Insight into the business strategies of your competitors also becomes more and more critical as you grow. With the IPWatch Market Vision™ product, you can be aware of the intellectual property applications being filed by your closest competitors. With early vision into the innovation and expansion plans of your competition, you will be able to plan for and adjust your strategy as needed, moving beyond reactionary actions and truly focusing your business on future growth.

IPWatch competitive market products are unique and robust. The innovative systems developed and utilized exclusively by IPWatch provide you with the strategic advantage that can put you miles ahead of your competitors. Our Market Vision™ and Market Multiplier™ tools are designed to work hand-in-hand with IPWatch Search, Policing and Enforcement products to round out your intellectual property needs.

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