International Search Products

The decision for a company to “go international” is a big one. Company executives need to carefully consider the complexities and expense involved, along with the vast opportunities that may be commercially available to the company should they choose to expand internationally. The commercial opportunities for a company may include use of the intellectual property directly by manufacturing and selling products and services in the country. The company may also elect to commercially utilize the property by allowing third parties to use the property by way of franchising or licensing.

Intellectual property should first be identified and protected in the United States. During that process the dates of use, company ownership of the property and clear descriptions of use for the property will all be clearly established. Other than copyrights, however, intellectual property protected in the United States is not automatically protected under law in any other country, regardless of various trade agreements.

Companies cannot safely assume that intellectual property protectable in one country will be clear for use in another. As a result, it is critical that all geographies where the company may plan to use intellectual property commercially should be identified as soon as possible after making the decision to “go international.” Trademarks, service marks, patents and domain names all require filing on a country by country basis and the process under which those applications are made may vary greatly.

The IPWatch International Search Products are unique and robust, providing the information that companies and their legal advisors need as international expansion is considered and executed. The systems developed and utilized exclusively by IPWatch provide the country by country clearance data that executives need as they work with their counsel to address the country specific steps that must be taken during international expansion.

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