Trademark Policing Products

Purchase our exclusive Trademark Issue Report on a per term basis and get immediate results. Know within minutes areas of concern in Federal, State and Common Law search categories both in the exact class in which your mark is owned as well as in other classes. Also see what level of concern may exist with very similar marks.

Active policing is required by law in order for the owner of intellectual property to protect their rights. As, well, policing data must be relevant at the time, so after you complete the benchmark policing search, you will be presented with the option to utilize the IPWatchâ„¢ monthly policing service which insures that you are notified regularly of any new activity and issues.

The USPTO publishes the gazette listing new applications every two weeks. Our monthly policing services refresh data at least twice per month in order to insure that all potential problems are identified in time to effectively challenge applications that could lead to confusion or issues with competition.

After discovering potential concerns, proceed with the purchase of a Full Report and Enforcement package and receive a detailed list of all possible problems identified along with as much business name and contact information available. As well, we will populate template cease and desist letters with that business contact information and the concern identified. This Enforcement package allows you to direct your scarce business resources accordingly and protect your brand equity and business reputation with the appropriate enforcement activities. The Full Report and Enforcement packages are available only with a monthly policing plan.

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USA Comprehensive Trademark Policing

After identifying possible issues that may exist, purchase a complete report of problems, with possible infringer business names and contact information included. Use this extensive report as you establish your policing and enforcement strategies.

This report is also available as the Trademark Issue Full Report – Monthly Policing Plan. After the first report of all possible issues, receive a regular report of any newly identified issues.

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